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My commitment to you Hair We Go . is to exceed your expectations and make sure you LOVE your experience!!
Ask Yourself These 3 Important Questions
    1    Do you ever experience challenges with your hair?
    2    Would you like to change or improve your current hair color?
    3    Do you struggle to duplicate your hairstyle at home after you leave the salon?
If you answered yes to any or all of these three important questions, I can help YOu! 

womens hair cutting and services

Velours Noir offers a wide variety of bespoke services to fit your every desire. We get to know each of our customers at a personal level in order to tailor services to their needs, whether it is a daily care or a special event. Our location is designed to make your experience convenient, enjoyable and leave you feeling inspired! Please review the listing of usual services. Velours Noir is always open to special requests.

Hair Cuts for Women
Professional Haircut for Women
You and I will start with a consultation taking into account your face shape, head shape, hair texture and density. As well as lifestyle, ability and commitment to maintenance. Incorporating asymmetry and advanced cutting techniques... I can create just the look you are hoping for with a combination of impeccable styling technique and the finest hair care products available from R+Co.
Bang trim
(Bang trims always Complementary)
Professional Hair Styling for Women
Professional Hair Styling for Women
add on iron curl/ flat iron    
Professional Hair Styling for Women
 Shampoo and condition  (only)             10.00
Hair Styling Instruction
Hair styling instruction is available to teach you how to beautifully style hair in a variety of stunning looks. Get the building blocks for a lifetime of beautiful, salon-style hair. for One hour detailed lesson.    
Childrens Hair cutting
The Velours Noir kid-friendly staff is specially trained to provide hair services for children of all ages. We understand that children may be fearful, impatient or squirmy but we will work with them with compassion and patience for a memorable and positive experience.
Childrens Haircuts
Girls  (10 and under)      30.00
Childrens hair cuts
Boys (10 and under)     20.00
Childrens Haircuts
young ladies   (11 to 15)              45.00
Childrens Haircuts
young men (11 to 15)              30.00
Hair Color
Hair Coloring, Highlights, and Haircuts 

Professional hair coloring and highlighting services are available using the highest quality WELLA and SUNLIGHTS products available only through professional salons. Call for a consultation to discuss your hair color goals and I will develop a plan to reach your objectives.
All over Hair Color and Grey Coverage
All over Hair Color and a hair cut

additional hair color
Add on toner
 adds dimension to previously colored hi lights  and freshly lightened hair. it adds shine and blends the big picture. 
Grey Blending Service
Grey Blending Service
(men)                                    35.00 
Grey Blending Service
With a haircut                       65.00
Grey Blending Service
Grey Blending Service 
(women)                               45.00  

Grey Blending Service
With a haircut                      85.00
Color Glossing Service
Gloss and Haircut                95.00
Gloss and Style                    80.00

HI lighting
Partal Hi Lighting
Partial H.L. Haircut
Partial H.L. Two Color
Partial H.L. Two Color Haircut
PermanentColorH.L. Haircut
Permanent Color full  H.L
Hair Removal
Professional waxing services are a great way to remove unwanted hair growth on any part of your body. Waxing services will leave your skin smooth and supple for weeks or longer depending on the body part, and the hair will generally grow back lighter and softer than if you were to shave. Our licensed estheticians will provide safe, professional results in a private setting.
eye brow shaping
Lip wax
Other Hair Services
Other hair services to make you look your best.
Hair Shampoo and Conditioning
Shampoo, conditioning and hair cleansing services for dirty, greasy, dry or damaged hair. Add a shampoo and conditioning treatment before your styling service and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage as we lather and rinse your hair with top-quality products.
Bespoke wash and style 30
Shampoo / condition (only)  10

Hair and Scalp Treatments
Hair and scalp treatments are designed to address problems with dandruff, dry scalp, or damaged hair due to environmental stress and over-processing.
Deep Condition add on to any Cut or Color   10
Deep Condition  25
Hair Extensions
Hair extension services employ realistic looking synthetic locks to give you beautiful long hair without the wait. Extensions can be added to allow dramatic special effects and up dos which may not be possible with your natural hair length and type.
Wigs and Hairpieces
Realistic looking wigs and hairpieces are available to enhance your look and provide you with greater confidence and personal satisfaction. We will help you expertly match your wig or hair piece to your head shape and hair pattern to ensure a seamless and natural look.
 prices provided   by request only
Consultation  complementary
Special Occasion Services
Complete bridal party services and group treatments for special occasions.
Bridal Party Hair Styling
Bridal party hair services are designed to give your bridal party a beautiful, consistent look for that big day. We will make sure to accentuate the beauty of your bridal party an complement your dresses, shoes and accessories, while making sure the spotlight stays on the bride for her special day.
Brides maids  100
Flower girl  75
Bridal Hair Services
Make it a day to remember with a truly professional bridal hair styling service. Our expert staff stays on top of the latest bridal styles to provide you with a plethora of amazing options to match your wedding style. From classic to contemporary, formal to casual, we can create a wonderfully polished look for your blessed event.
Bride up do 150

Bridal trial run
 the trial run takes the stress out of the weeding day hair style. the trial run consists of a consultation,  up do and or make up application to ensure you look and feel your best on the big day. 
 1/2 of the wedding day cost  the wedding party pays the second half the day of wedding 
Transform your look with a makeover from a professional  make up artist. Discover the secrets of runway models and Hollywood idols to coordinate your wardrobe, accessories, hair and makeup and achieve a beautiful, portrait-worthy look that will turn heads and help you stand out from the crowd.
bridal party make up
 brides maids 
bridal and bridal party make up
bride 95.00
Makeup application
Cosmetic Instruction
Explore the techniques that drive the media and fashion industry with a cosmetic instruction from a licensed esthetician. You will learn about the many products and approaches used to create amazing looks from classic to avant-garde.
Make up instructional session 100
special event make up
Specialty color
Specialty colors are state of the art color patterns that feature todays modern hair trends such as color melting, ombre and balayage and more. 
Balayage hair cut
add on balayage
 add on balayage  to any service 
Specilty Color
specialty color hair cut
Mens hair services and grooming
Hair Cuts for Men
Professional Haircut for Men
Get that sharp and polished look of Trend, Classic, Street or Sport. With my personal training and in American Crews Men's work Academy. I can help you arrive at the look you want to achieve and deliver a flawless style with clean masculine lines and layering. Whatever your style is, I can help you find a look that will complement your wardrobe and help you make maximum impact for that big meeting or special date.

Facial Grooming and Touch Ups
Men's facial hair should never be neglected. regular beard and mustache  trims ensure a grand appearance any ware you decide to venture. 

men's grooming Brow wax
 Every eyebrow needs a little TLC! men's grooming is  becoming bigger than ever.  having eyebrow waxes  regularly open up the eye and make the eyes pop. men's  eyebrows are no exception. a full consultation is provided with every guest. 

Our Policy:

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